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The Wild Year Book
  • The Wild Year Book

                                 The Wild Year Book 

    Things to do Outdoors Through The Seasons. 

    By Fiona Danks Jo Schofield


    Games, Crafts and Adventures to enjoy outdoors all year round

    Playing outdoors should be an essential part of growing up: your imagination runs riot, wild games keep you fit, and you learn to love the natural world. The Wild Year Book gives you 70 different ways to turn screen time into green time, season by season. Perhaps you'll want to make bows and arrows from saplings in the spring, play camouflarge games in the summer, jump into huge leaf piles in the autumn, or create ice mobiles in the winter.

    These activities for all ages can take as little as ten minutes or as long as a whole day, and there are great ideas for larger groups and parties too. With The Wild Year Book you will never be short of inspiration!


    ISBN  978-0-7112-3926-5

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