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Popular 1L Storm Kettle
  • Popular 1L Storm Kettle

    Popular 1L Storm Kettle


    How The STORM Kettle Works

    Fill the Kettle with water. Light a small fire in the base of the STORM™ Kettle, you can use a sheet of newspaper to start it, followed by small twigs, cones, dry grass or even camel dung if you have it!

    Put the kettle on to the base, more fuel can be added through the top when necessary. Never boil with the cork in! The water in the double skin surrounding the chimney boils quickly as heat from the fire passes up the centre. Once the Kettle has boiled, use the handle and the chain from the cork to help you pour the water safely.


    1. Remove cork and fill with water.

    2. Fill base with paper, dry grass or twigs.

    3. Light fire here and face into the wind for extra draught.

    4. Add additional fuel here (keep twigs etc. small).

    5. Use chain and handle for pouring.


    Height Closed - 10.5"

    Height Open - 12"

    Dia - 6.5"

    Weight - 1 lb 12 oz

    Capacity - 2 pints  (1 litre)

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