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Home Smoking And Curing Self-Sufficiency
  • Home Smoking And Curing Self-Sufficiency

    Self-Sufficiency Home Smoking and Curing


    In this book author Joanna Farrow explains, how, with some basic ingredients and equipment, you can soonbe salting, curing, air-drying and smoking a whole range of seasonal and year round produce. With clear instructions and help to get you started, this book will give yo the confidence and know-how to begin your own experiments.


    What could be more delicious than home cured bacon, subtle smoked salmonor air dried ham? With guides to setting up your own smoker, preparing salt and brine cures, drying and preserving, self sufficiency home smoking and curing is the perfect introduction to making the most of meat, fish, game and poultry


    ISBN 978-1-78009-042-9

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