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Foraging For Food Self-Sufficiency
  • Foraging For Food Self-Sufficiency

    Self-Sufficiency Foraging For Food by David Squire


    Foraging for wild food is more and more popular as people become increasingly interested in eating local food uncontaminated by chemicals. You'd be suprised at the bounty of wild food you can find practically on your doorstep - some native plants, some escapees from ancient gardens and are all delicious.

    Most of these foods are within easy reach - however, you've got to know what you're looking for, where to go and when. Arranged in a directory of categories divided into wild plants, herbs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, seaweeds and shellfish, this bookhas all the information you need to help you identifiy a wholesome and naturalfood store, all for free. Hints on how to gather, store, prepare and eat your foraged bounty are also included, along with advice on seasonality


    ISBN 978-1-5048-0034-1

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