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Bushcraft Illustrated
  • Bushcraft Illustrated

    Bushcraft Illustrated A Visual Guide

    By Dave Canterbury


    The Ultimate Resource for Wilderness Adventure

    It's time to prepare for your next trip into the great outdoors. In this illustrated installment of the New York Times bestselling Bushcraft series, wilderness expert Dave Canterbury highlights the skills, tools, and knowledge required to venture into the wilderness.

    Filled with hundreds of illustrations, Bushcraft Illustrated makes sure you're prepared for your next trek into the woods by showcasing the necessary tools and skills for your survival and enjoyment, including

    Packs  Learn how to craft and pack your own

    Cordage Essential knot knowledge for survival

    Firecraft Start a fire with a variety of materials

    Trapping Instructions for catching small game

    Plants A catalogue of edible plants to forage

    With its many helpful illustrations and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, Bushcraft Illustrated is a must-have guide to hone your wilderness skills and stay safe during all of your outdoor adventures.

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