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1.5L Original Storm Kettle
  • 1.5L Original Storm Kettle

    The Original Storm Kettle 


    Using a Storm Kettle means you can boil water easily, in the wetest and windiest of weather, both rapidly and safely. They are also environmentally friendly as you only need a sheet of newspaper and a handfull of twigs as fuel. So the simplicity of the kettle ensures that boiling water is always available, without the need to use gas, petrol or any other artificial fuel.

    The Original Storm Kettle will boil up to 2.5 pints ( approx 1.5 litres) 


    Height closed - 12"

    Height open - 14"

    Diameter - 6.5"

    Weight - 1lb 13oz

    Capacity -  2.5 Pints  (1.5 litres)

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